Katie Klaehn, MA, LPC, ASOTP



I began my career helping individuals and families almost 23 years ago.  From an early start in my professional career, I knew I wanted to help victims transform into survivors.  While going to college, I worked with you thin the juvenile justice system and adults admitted to inpatient crisis stabilization mental health programs.  The next 18 years were spent working in the Department of Family and Protective Services obtaining insight with all levels of trauma, abuse, and neglect.  At DFPS, I helped children and adults deal with family loss, but I also facilitated change through both support and guidance so that reunification could occur where possible.  When the loss was permanent through death, termination of family relationships, or through abandonment, I assisted children and adults with positive transitions.  I gained skills and knowledge trauma of multiple areas: physical abuse/neglect, sexual abuse/perpetration, medical neglect/abuse, emotional abuse, and secondary trauma.  

Since 2014, I changed my professional direction and focus.  I become a License Professional Counselor with an Associate Sex Offender Treatment Provider License.  I use Trauma Focused and Basic Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) and at times, Family Systems theory inside the CBT while working with individuals and families.  My training and skills provide knowledge to navigate any type or level of trauma, abuse and neglect along with difficulties arising from secondary trauma. 

 I have been working with sexual abuse victimization and perpetrator treatment over the last 4 years along with individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, adjustment and conduct disorders.  I also had been working with chronic and terminal illness children and families over the last 8 years. 



Individuals need to be healthy, whole beings any given day of life.  A therapist needs to be available to facilitate an individual in processing life circumstances that are causing difficulties in daily functioning and progression in achieving life’s goals.  A therapist is there for the individual and responsible to meet them where they are at in their mental health care and assist them to meet their short term and long term goals with the best supportive therapeutic intervention possible. In summary, my philosophy in counseling is simple.  I want to help individuals to reach the point in life where they do not “let the past dictate them, but they dictating their past.”  

Katie Klaehn, MA, LPC, CV

Please see my CV below to learn more about my education and training.

Katie Klaehn, MA, LPC, ASOTP CV (pdf)